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Top Six Pitfalls To Avoid In A Personal Injury Case

Tampa personal injury attorney Timothy G. Anderson has created a list of common pitfalls that might jeopardize your legal case or lawsuit claim — along with tips for how you can avoid these traps.

Here are the top six pitfalls:

  1. Failing to document the evidence:If you have been hurt in an accident caused by someone’s carelessness or negligence, you should document physical evidence at the scene or soon after to support your personal injury claim. Try to get photographs of any accident scene because scenes can be altered and memories may be unreliable.

  2. Not getting medical treatment:Go to see a doctor immediately. Do not make the mistake of delaying medical treatment as it can jeopardize your lawsuit. Injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, even those that seem minor, can become serious. Often pain is not felt immediately because of stress. Don’t try to tough it out; get your injuries documented even if you do not have health insurance.

  3. Trying to represent yourself:Insurance companies are represented by knowledgeable adjusters and attorneys. Representing yourself in an injury claim is risky. Our consultation is free; doesn’t it make sense to get some expert advice?

  4. Posting too much on social media:Injuries often create strong emotions. Choose your confidants carefully and watch what you say, as social media can be a disaster for your case.

  5. Waiting to hire a lawyer:Do not wait to contact a lawyer. Florida accident laws are complex, and delays can hurt the presentation of your injury claim.

  6. Not hiring a local lawyer who specializes in your type of case:The law is complicated, and you need to hire a specialist who not only knows the ins and outs of the law but is familiar with the local jurisdiction. Only a Board-Certified civil trial lawyer such as Timothy G. Anderson Sr. is allowed to say he specializes in civil trial law and be called an expert.

Get More Tips In A Free Consultation

By following some simple guidelines, you can avoid making the most common mistakes that would jeopardize your case. For more information on how to handle your legal situation, contact Tampa attorney Timothy G. Anderson’s law office for a personal consultation. You can call 813-251-0072 or 800-848-3024 orcontact us by email.

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