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How Is Pain and Suffering Calculated in Florida Lawsuits?

Sometimes the pain and suffering you experience after an accident can leave you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually broken. Although the initial trauma of your experience can hurt, your pain and suffering have the potential to cause significant damage.

But, how is that pain and suffering calculated in a Florida personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party? Because the concept of pain and suffering is intangible, calculating a monetary value is complicated. However, there are ways you can strengthen your pain and suffering claim. Read on to learn more.

What Is Considered Pain and Suffering?

There are two types of pain and suffering you can experience. Physical pain is any trauma your body undergoes during the aftermath of your injury. When you’re unable to use your body the same way, or you’re unable to enjoy the same physical activities because of your injury, this is a form of pain and suffering.

The other type of pain and suffering you can experience is emotional, mental, or even psychological. If your accident causes you to experience feelings of anxiety or depression, this can also be recognized as a form of pain and suffering.

Proving Your Pain and Suffering

Proving your pain and suffering within a court of law is no easy task. Because it’s much easier for the defense to discredit your pain and suffering claim, you will have to use credible sources to back up your claim. For example, having a therapist testify about your mental health is an effective way to bolster your pain and suffering claim.

If you’ve begun physical therapy, you could also have your doctor speak about your struggles with recovery. Various things, such as whether your damages are permanent, can factor into your claim. A lawyer has experience calculating non-economic damages and can help you through the process.

Speak with a Tampa Injury Lawyer

We understand how frustrating it can be to suffer from an injury. You may lose your way of life because of someone’s actions and feel hopeless. However, the opposite is true because an injury lawyer from Anderson & Anderson can help obtain compensation for your pain and suffering.

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