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Can I Sue for a Work Injury?

Even the safest work environments have the occasional accident. A slippery floor, a malfunctioning machine, or other hazards can happen with little notice. Now, you’re hurt, but who’s going to pay for your work injury?

Suing for a work injury may be an option for you, but if you’re not sure where to begin, we can help. The lawyers at Anderson & Anderson have the resources you need to determine whether you’re eligible for a lawsuit. When you’re hurt in a work accident, get help understanding your situation and your options for recovery.

Workers Comp vs. Personal Injury

When you’re hurt on the job, workers compensation benefits are supposed to cover you, right? That means you can spend less time in a Florida courtroom and more time making a paycheck.

But workers comp won’t cover every work accident. So when can you sue?

Generally, there are a few situations when you may have grounds for a lawsuit after a work injury:

If you believe any of these situations applies to your claim, talk to your lawyer. They can help you determine whether you’re eligible to sue, and they can help you take the first steps toward compensation.

Compensation Due After a Work Accident

Now you may be sure you have grounds for a work injury lawsuit, but how much is your claim worth? If you don’t know, it can hurt your future. It’s easy to accept less than what your claim is really worth. Without your complete compensation, it can be difficult to recover, but you may need a lawyer’s help to get the full compensation you’re due.

First, your economic damages should cover all the costs of your recovery. Any financial concerns you may have, from medical bills to lost working hours, should be added to your damages.

You may also be due compensation for your emotional and mental suffering, also called non-economic damages. These damages may be intangible, but they can still hurt your future. For example, chronic pain caused by your injuries can impact your quality of life. Talk to your lawyer when you’re ready to get an accurate snapshot of your claim’s value.

Injured at Work? Reach Out for Help

Getting compensated for a work injury isn’t always easy. Your employer may not want to pay, and the at-fault party may not be so easy to determine. You may be unsure what your options are for getting compensated after your work injury.

At Anderson & Anderson, we know that work injuries can get complex fast, when all you want is the funds for your recovery. Your work injury lawyer can help. We can talk your claim over during a free consultation so you know what tools we can use and what we can do for your claim. Get started by calling 813-251-0072, or you can reach out through the free online contact form below.

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