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Tampa Whiplash Lawyer

Have you been diagnosed with a whiplash injury after being involved in an accident? Is someone else to blame for causing your injuries? If so, a whiplash attorney in Tampa could help you seek full repayment for your suffering. 

There are many different types of accidents that can cause whiplash, but the most common has to be motor vehicle accidents. No matter how your whiplash injury came to be, if another party is responsible for causing the accident and, therefore, your injuries, you can hold them to account by bringing a civil lawsuit against them with the assistance of a Tampa whiplash lawyer.

At Anderson & Anderson, we are committed to the families we work with. We will do everything possible to see that the liable party is brought to justice for their negligent actions so you can be awarded compensation that adequately reflects the trauma you’ve endured due to the accident you were involved in.

What Is a Whiplash Injury?

Whiplash is a type of neck injury that occurs when the head and neck are suddenly and rapidly moved forward and backward while unrestrained. Most commonly seen in auto wrecks, specifically rear-end collisions, where the neck and head are quickly accelerated forward and decelerated backwards, most whiplash injuries can resolve themselves within a couple of days with the proper treatment and/or medication.

However, some whiplash injuries wind up causing permanent damage to the brain, head, or neck that can result in chronic pain, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, irritability, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, tinnitus, and depression.

As you can imagine, having to cope with these symptoms of a whiplash injury, on top of any other injuries you might have sustained, can be too much to bear. Fortunately, when you choose to work with an injury attorney in Tampa,  you may have a chance to obtain repayment for this suffering.

Losses You May Be Able to Recover

When you make the decision to seek repayment through a civil claim, there are many different types of losses you can attempt to recover. This includes both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are those that are financial in nature and might include things like:

  • Loss of income
  • Property damage
  • Medical expenses and equipment
  • Damage to your earning capacity

Non-economic damages consist of every other type of loss that has nothing to do with money. These might include things like your pain and suffering, lost quality of life, the impact of scarring or disfigurement, loss of household services, emotional distress, loss of companionship and love, and more.

Speak with a Whiplash Attorney in Tampa

Your whiplash injury could negatively affect your life more than you might think. If you are interested in pursuing a civil claim against the individual or entity who is to blame for causing the accident that harmed you, reach out to a Tampa whiplash lawyer at Anderson & Anderson.

You can take advantage of the free claim review we offer to injury victims across the city by calling our office at 813-251-0072 or submitting the quick contact form we have included at the bottom of this page.