Attorney Anderson was my strength through this difficult time.

Dave S.

I was struck by the care and compassion of not only the Andersons, but their entire staff!

Louise S.

Although it was not a huge case, I didn’t feel any less important.

Noelle G.

Finding The Right Car Accident Lawyer

When you’ve been involved in a car accident, it is important to find the right Tampa car accident lawyer for your case. It is essential to know your options when searching for the right lawyer to represent you.

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Hiring A Tampa Car Accident Attorney

  1. What are the advantages to hiring a board-certified civil trial expert?
    Board certification is the highest level of evaluation by The Florida Bar of the competency and experience of attorneys in areas of law approved for certification by the Supreme Court of Florida. A lawyer who is a member in good standing of The Florida Bar and who meets the standards prescribed by the state’s Supreme Court may become board-certified in one or more of the 22 certification fields.Our attorney Timothy G. Anderson Sr. has been a board-certified civil trial expert of The Florida Bar for more than 30 consecutive years.Board certification requires:

    • A minimum of five years in law practice
    • Substantial involvement in the field of law for which certification is sought
    • A passing grade on the examination required of all applicants
    • Satisfactory peer review assessment of competence in the specialty field as well as character, ethics and professionalism in the practice of law
    • Satisfaction of the certification area’s continuing legal education requirements
  2. Does the law firm I’m interested in specialize in the type of case I’m involved in?
    Only a board-certified attorney by The Florida Bar can be identified as a “specialist” or “expert” in an area of law. If you’ve been involved in a car accident and are inquiring about various law firms and attorneys, it is important to make sure those you are considering have experience handling legal cases such as yours. Our attorney Timothy G. Anderson Sr. has been a board-certified civil trial expert of The Florida Bar for more than 30 consecutive years.
  3. Will the attorney I hire personally advise me?
    Some law firms market themselves through a figurehead who may never meet with a client. For car accident victims, or for anyone involved in a legal matter, it’s important that your lawyer is available for you and can directly help you and be by your side throughout the legal process. At Anderson & Anderson, our slogan “professional experience you need with personal service you deserve” is a commitment to each and every client.
  4. Has the attorney I want to hire been successful at trial in matters involving car accidents?
    It’s imperative to find out how your attorney handled previous car accident cases as many insurance companies will offer lower settlements to clients whose attorney they feel will not bring the case to trial. The Florida Bar board-certified attorneys have proven that they have extensive trial experience. Our attorney Timothy G. Anderson Sr. has been board-certified by The Florida Bar in civil trial law for more than 30 years.

Attorney Timothy G. Anderson is a board-certified civil trial expert.

For more information or if you have been involved in a car or truck accident, our firm can help. Contact the injury law firm of Timothy G. Anderson or call 813-251-0072 for a free case evaluation.