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Survey says Florida roads among least safe in the U.S.

When compared to other states, Florida’s roads are apparently quite dangerous for those who travel on or near them. According to the website WalletHub, which recently conducted a surveyof the “Safest States in the U.S.,” Florida had scores near the bottom in all of the factors that the survey weighed when ranking states for the overall safety of their citizens. When all categories were considered, Florida came in 46th overall – only Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Mississippi ranked lower.

The five categories that the survey used to assign safety scores to the states were emergency preparedness, personal safety, workplace safety, financial safety and road safety. Each category was assigned a different weight, with personal and residential safety scores factoring the heaviest into the overall score. Road safety accounted for 15 percent of a state’s overall safety score in the survey.

And road safety also happens to be the category in which the Sunshine State did most poorly. Coming in with a ranking of 47th, only New Mexico, South Carolina and Arizona had lower road safety scores than Florida. The state’s number of fatal car accidents is what weighed most heavily on its ranking. These were measured by looking at the number of fatalities per 100 million miles of vehicle travel. Florida averaged 1.44 deaths for every 100 million miles of vehicle travel. Minnesota at the lowest rate with 0.66 and South Carolina the highest at 1.88.

Other factors included in the state’s road safety score were the per capita number of pedestrian and cyclist deaths, the number of DUIs per capita, driving laws on the books, road quality and the frequency of poor driving habits like speeding and distracted driving. Until the state’s roads are safer, victims of other motorists’ dangerous driving habits will have to rely on the law – and an experienced attorney – for recourse.