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Special considerations may apply when litigating a truck accident

Large trucks carry goods all across the state of Florida, and usually, they make it from their starting destinations to their final stops without encountering any problems. However, when a large truck is involved in an accident, the results can be catastrophic. Though car accidents may occur more frequently, truck accidents result in around 5,000 deaths each year.

Some of the causes of truck accidents are the same as those that cause regular car accidents. Inattentive or tired drivers, aggressive driving or malfunctioning vehicle equipment can all cause a large truck to have a collision with one or more other vehicles. But, once a large truck is involved in an accident, there are a number of considerations that can make it more serious than a regular car accident and more difficult to litigate, if the victims choose to take the matter to court.

One factor that can make a truck accident particularly dangerous is if the truck involved in the crash was carrying hazardous materials at the time of the collision. Petroleum, certain chemicals and other flammable materials can turn a crash into an inferno, if the materials carried by the truck are ignited. As such, even apparently minor truck crashes may turn deadly, depending on the load the truck carried.

Additionally, a truck accident lawsuit can be complicated by the employment status of the truck’s driver. When the company employs a truck driver, a victim can often include the driver’s employer in their lawsuit. If, however, the driver is an independent contractor, the victim may have a limited number of parties that they may sue for accident-related compensation.

Victims of truck accidents may also face challenges at court, if the drivers of the trucks alleged that the victims’ actions caused or contributed to the collisions. A victim may see their recovery vanish if it is proven that they caused the incident that led to their harm.

In sum, truck accidents can appear similar to regular car accidents, but there are a number of nuances that can make them harder to litigate than everyday vehicle collisions. As a victim of a truck accident contemplates suing the party responsible for their losses, they can be well served to first speak with a personal injury attorney who represents individuals in truck accidents.