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Several children hurt while at school bus stop

Tampa police are investigating a pedestrian accident in which a driver of a passenger car allegedly struck five children who were at a school bus stop, presumably waiting for a ride to their nearby school. The children along the side of the road when the accident happened.

While reports suggested that the driver who hit these 5 children was driving very fast for the conditions, police have to this point refused to say that the driver was legally speeding. The driver reportedly remained at the scene of the incident, and police have yet to file any sort of charge or traffic citation against the driver.

Some of the victim are quite young, under 10 years old. While they are all thankfully expected to survive, one child was described as being in critical condition. Another victim was also describes as having suffered a serious injury. Included among the injured were two rescue workers whose vehicle crashed as they were trying to get to the scene of the car accident.

While some details of this accident still need to be sorted out, most Floridians probably know intuitively that it is important to drive slowly and carefully when children are present and around places where school buses stop to pick up kids.

There are specific laws which cover how Florida motorists should behave around school buses, and, additionally, motorists always need to exercise an appropriate amount of care and caution around kids. Being small, children are particularly vulnerable to suffering serious injuries if they get hit by a car. Negligent drivers who cause such injuries can be held financially accountable for their actions.