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Seeking justice on behalf of your child

Did you know the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s statistics show there were nearly 300,000 drunk driving deaths in the nation last year? These frightening statistics increase in frequency around the holidays, and many of these tragedies occurred here in Florida.

Learning that your child has been seriously or fatally injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by a drunk driver is obviously a shock and sorrow beyond compare. It’s difficult to think beyond such grief, yet many families (perhaps, including your own) are forced to do so when faced with tremendous financial debt due to unforeseen expenses associated with such accidents.

Most drunk driving collisions are preventable

As you face the gravest suffering imaginable, you may experience feelings of frustration and anger when considering the accident that resulted in a fatal injury to your child most likely could have been prevented were it not for the poor choices of a drunk driver.

People who drive while intoxicated have failed to implement the following safeguards against tragedy:

  • To abstain from alcohol when planning to drive a car, which is the easiest and most effective means for preventing drunk driving accidents


  • To think ahead and secure appropriate transportation when planning to imbibe alcoholic beverages before traveling

When a motorist makes a conscious decision to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking alcohol, and your family suffers because of that decision, there is no reason you should be held financially accountable for any costs incurred.

Where to turn for help

It’s understandable you may have difficulty even thinking clearly in the immediate aftermath of your child’s fatal accident. As you begin to put the pieces of your life back together (although life itself will never be the same) you may feel a strong need to reach out for support.

The following are several resources that may be of benefit to you in your hour of need:

  • A close friend or relative: Sometimes, just having a shoulder to lean on and someone with whom you can share your thoughts provides the comfort and assistance you need to face a future without your beloved child.
  • A minister or counselor: If you feel you need additional help from what your own friends and family are able to provide, you may want to seek guidance from a faith leader in your community or a licensed counselor.
  • A personal injury attorney: Beyond any criminal charges a drunk driver might face, the law allows you to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of your child in a civil court. An attorney can guide you through the process.

Nothing can ever replace the life of your child. If your grief has been compounded by unexpected financial debt associated with the accident, you are entitled to seek full recovery for your losses by requesting that the court hold the person deemed responsible for your child’s fatal injuries monetarily accountable.

In such situations, the burden of proof lies with the plaintiff; therefore, retaining assistance from an attorney who has 30 years of board certified experience would likely increase your chances of obtaining a just and appropriate outcome in court.