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Safe walking tips may help prevent the unthinkable from occurring

Whether to escape the hustle and bustle of traffic or to save on fuel and vehicle maintenance costs, there are a variety of reasons you may choose the sidewalk as your primary means of travel. With warmer climates in Florida, you may even be able to enjoy the numerous benefits of walking all year long.

However, there are some inherent risks associated with being a pedestrian, as you have less in the way of protective barriers to shield you from harm. Since accidents involving pedestrians can have disastrous results, you may wish to know more about how to reduce the chances such an incident may occur.

Reducing the odds of a collision

While an accident can happen at any moment and under a variety of circumstances, there are certain pedestrian safety tips that may you steer clear of danger. Some things to keep in mind while walking near traffic may include:

  • Distraction is dangerous: While this may seem more of a concern for drivers, distracted walking can also be hazardous. Remaining alert could be key to identifying a potential disaster in time to move out of its path.
  • Visibility is a concern: Taking steps to increase your visibility as a pedestrian can be essential to staying safe, and these steps may include wearing bright clothing and sticking to well-lit areas when possible.
  • Obstructions are hazardous: As a pedestrian, anything that obstructs your visibility can prove hazardous, and steering clear of or using caution around similar obstacles is advisable.
  • Traffic laws are in place for a reason: As you walk near traffic, it is vital that you understand and abide by traffic laws, and it may even be helpful to understand how another party’s violation of these rules could place you in harm’s way.

Since intersections are a hotspot for pedestrian accidents, it is always in your best interests to look both or all ways and make eye contact with drivers before attempting to cross. However, this might not always be enough, and if you encounter a negligent driver, there might be little you can do to prevent a catastrophe.

Once disaster strikes

Pedestrian accidents can have devastating results, and if a car hits you, chances are you might suffer serious injuries. If the other party is at fault, you may wish to pursue restitution accordingly, but navigating the civil justice system can be a complex and intimidating process. You could choose to consult with someone with experience in such matters, and doing so could help you better prepare to pursue the compensation you’re entitled through a personal injury claim.