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Report sheds light on why so many Americans are dying in truck accidents

Within the last 10 years, car companies and manufacturers have continued to make strides with regard to the implementation and use of new safety features and devices in motor vehicles. Today, consumers are able to purchase cars that contain backup cameras, lane-departure warning devices and blind-spot detection systems. Unfortunately, when it comes to safety features, many argue the commercial trucking industry is severely behind.

Addressing truck safety concerns, the National Transportation Safety Board recently released its annual “Most Wanted List,” which calls for the mandatory inclusion and use of safety features that many argue are long overdue. Action related to this year’s recommendations may gain more traction as statistics show that the number of U.S. truck accidents has increased 17 percent since 2009.

During 2013, more than 3,960 people lost their lives on U.S. roads in commercial truck accidents. From poor or improper vehicle maintenance to truck driver fatigue to inexperienced drivers; there are numerous safety issues that the U.S. government and trucking industry must take steps to address.

In addition to the implementation of advanced safety features and technologies, the NTSB report also calls upon lawmakers to take steps to address concerns that too many truck drivers are driving while fatigued. The report also cites troubling statistics related to the fact that an estimated one-fifth of all commercial truck inspections reveal safety deficiencies.

Florida residents who have been injured or who have lost a loved one in a truck accident may choose to consult with an attorney. In some cases an accident report may point to negligence on the part of a truck driver, trucking company or vehicle manufacturer and compensation may be recovered to account for medical expenses and lost wages.

Source: The Detroit News, “NTSB: Truck safety should be a higher U.S. priority,” Alan Levin, Jan. 13, 2015