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Rehabilitation likely necessary after brain injuries

After a serious incident that results in a traumatic brain injury, victims and their families often need a great deal of information. This information may include how the injury will affect the health of the injured person, whether the person will recover and what family members can do to help. You may be in this type of situation after a recent car accident.

Unfortunately, severe car accidents can cause a myriad of injuries, and if your brain suffers damage, the road to recovery can be long and frustrating. Still, you know that going through the medical treatments and rehabilitation programs are necessary for your or your family member’s well-being.

Types of treatment and rehab

Because a traumatic brain injury can change your life, you may need to go through a variety of programs to work toward regaining functions and independence. Though you undoubtedly want to reach a full recovery, that is not always possible with a TBI, especially if it is severe. The results of recovery efforts differ from person to person, and the type of treatment needed also differs. You may find yourself having to go through any of the following types of rehabilitation:

  • Independent living programs
  • Behavior management
  • Transitional living programs
  • Day-treatment programs
  • Long-term rehabilitation

A TBI can make it difficult to function on your own, and these rehabilitation programs work to get you to the point of most function and independence that your injury will allow.

What rehab covers

These and other rehabilitation programs cover several areas of life in hopes of teaching new ways to carry out activities and how to act in certain situations. For example, your rehabilitation programs may cover the following areas:

  • Self-care skills
  • Attending to your pain management
  • How to interact with other people in social settings
  • Communication skills
  • Meeting physical care needs
  • Learning work-related skills
  • Adapting to lifestyle changes

Of course, the exact programs and treatments you go through will depend on the extent of your injury.

Legal matters

If your TBI resulted from a car accident caused by another driver, you may have reason to file a personal injury claim against that person. A successful claim could allow you to obtain monetary compensation that could help you cover the costs of rehabilitation and other medical expenses you will likely incur during your recovery efforts. Speaking with a Florida attorney could help you understand this option and gain other insight into possible legal routes.