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Qualified truck drivers possess commercial drivers’ licenses

Florida residents of a certain age, who pass written and operative tests, are allowed to obtain drivers’ licenses that permit them to drive. However, a private drivers’ license is not a free pass to operate any vehicle that contains a steering wheel. Commercial vehicles, such as big rigs, buses and tank trucks, require their drivers to hold special commercial licenses that are subject to their own testing mandates.

The requirements for possessing a commercial drivers’ license are federally mandated. Such licenses can be obtained through state-run Departments of Motor Vehicles. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a person interested in getting a commercial drivers’ license should start by obtaining a manual on the license, and then pursuing a commercial drivers’ permit. Like a private learners’ permit, a permit for commercial driving only allows a commercial driver to operate a large vehicle, while under the supervision of a fully licensed commercial driver.

Only after assessment and testing may the holder of a commercial permit receive a commercial drivers’ license. The lengthy process of getting such a driving privilege is to ensure that drivers who operate large, dangerous rigs are educated on their responsibilities and the care they must take to keep others safe. If a trucking company or a commercial carrier hires a driver who does not possess such a license, and that driver causes a truck or vehicle accident, the company or entity may hold some liability for the victims’ losses.

Like everyone else, truck drivers are human and can make mistakes, even if they have received commercial driver training. However, safety is imperative to preventing truck accidents and creating dangerous scenarios on Florida roads. Victims of truck and commercial carrier accidents are encouraged to investigate their rights to better understand, if they may have personal injury claims against the parties that caused their harm.