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Products liability battle starts for possibly dangerous product

Every year, new products hit the shelves of local Tampa stores that contain labels and advertisements that tout the products’ potential benefits to consumers. One product that may be of interest to Floridians is an allegedly drinkable sunscreen that claims it can provide UVA protection to those who consume it. However, an attorney general from a Midwestern state does not buy the company’s claims and believes that the product will cause harm to unsuspecting consumers.

The attorney general alleges that the makers of the sunscreen have failed consumers on several counts, first by using potentially flawed testing procedures to determine the product’s effectiveness and second by exposing consumers to serious health risks through potentially unprotected sun exposure. Exposure to the sun can cause burns and other medical problems that can lead to individuals suffering illnesses that are more serious, and the attorney general is concerned that people within his state will suffer as a result of this product’s allegedly false claims.

The makers of the product have countered the attorney general’s claims and as it moves forward, readers will have to see how this products liability matter fares in court. Should the attorney general prevail, the makers of this product may be forced to change their advertising, compensate victims and meet other consumer product safety standards.

Attorneys who work in the personal injury field of law often handle litigation based on dangerous products. When the makers of consumer products put dangerous items into the hands of unsuspecting individuals, they have liable for the damages their victims suffer and the harms they endure from the products’ use. Readers who believe that they may have products liability claims may wish to learn more about this type of litigation with the help of personal injury lawyers.

Source: CNBC, “The maker of drinkable sunscreen has been accused of ‘dangerous’ consumer fraud,” Leticia Miranda, March 16, 2017