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Poor property maintenance can lead to premises liability accident

Our readers have probably experienced a situation like or very similar to this: after parking their car and shopping indoors for a few hours they leave and find that it has gotten dark. They generally remember where they parked, but since some of the lights in the parking lot have gone out it is hard to see exactly where they are going. Maybe they make it to their vehicle without any trouble, but maybe they trip on a crack in the pavement of the lot, or slip on a patch of oil or water. Maybe in the darkness they do not see a step and fall when they are unable to catch their footing.

There are many ways that individuals can suffer physical harm when property defects and deficiencies present themselves to unsuspecting victims. Particularly in commercial settings, where customers are not only expected to visit but are invited to do so, property owners have duties to maintain the buildings and lots that they own with care and proper maintenance.

The failure of a property owner to maintain proper indoor and outdoor lightening and to keep walkways clear of hazards and slip-and-fall risks may expose that property owner to premises liability legal actions by parties who are hurt because of the property owner’s negligence. Premises liability claims exist for just these types of personal injury situations.

At our law firm, we work with our clients who have potential premises liability actions due to slip-and-fall accidents, inadequate security incidents and other dangerous property situations. Clients and interested readers may learn more about our law firm and how we might be able to help by visiting the firm’s premises liability web page.