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What types of damages can be awarded in wrongful death claims?

People who have lost a loved one in a fatal accident know that there is no way to undo the loss or truly compensate them for the loss. Undoubtedly, the grief and sadness can be overwhelming and it can be very difficult to cope. However, the fact is that a loss can and often does take a financial toll on surviving family members as well. This can make the situation even more stressful and upsetting, which is why many people consider taking legal action.

Providing security to families as they deal with personal tragedy and loss

Anyone who has ever experienced the death of a family member can likely recall experiencing intense feelings of sadness and grief. While there's no doubt that losing a parent to a chronic disease or a sibling to cancer is a devastating experience, when the death of a loved one results due to negligence, feelings of anger and injustice are commonly experienced by those left behind.

Are you guilty of drugged driving?

Tampa area drivers are likely aware of the dangers of drunk driving and take steps to ensure they have a sober and safe ride home. Less discussed are the dangers associated with drugged driving and the varying medications that may render a driver impaired and unable to safely operate a motor vehicle.

What is loss of consortium?

A serious personal injury can impact not only the injured individual but the entire family. Catastrophic injuries such as amputation, paralysis and traumatic brain damage can lead to life-long changes for the husband or wife of the injured individual. These people might be entitled to recover money through a claim of loss of consortium.

Just how big of a problem is drunk driving in Florida?

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, during 2012 alone, 697 people died on Florida's roads in drunk driving-related accidents. This number accounts for 29 percent of all fatal motor vehicle accidents that occurred throughout the state that year. Additionally, during this same year, police reported a total of 17,199 crashes involving drunk drivers. For 2012, the financial costs for these fatal drunk driving accidents totaled roughly $3.6 billion, a cost passed on to state taxpayers. However, for the families of those individuals killed, the costs associated with the loss of a loved one cannot be quantified.

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