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The vulnerability of motorcycle riders to spinal cord injuries

As a motorcycle rider, you are more than likely acutely aware of the fact that you could suffer severe injuries if involved in a crash. As other cars pass you, or you pass other motor vehicles, you may be keenly aware of their size and potential for danger. One wrong move by one of those vehicles, and you could find yourself lying on the street and badly injured.

Autonomous cars: Science-fiction or distracted driving solution?

As most Florida drivers are already aware, cellphone use while driving can be extremely hazardous and often fatal. In fact, lawmakers are considering a ban on texting while driving in an attempt to combat the dangers and make the roads safer for everyone. However, a ban can only go so far; some drivers will still selfishly choose to use their phones behind the wheel regardless of the law. Even for the most conscientious of drivers, it can be awfully tempting to take a quick glance at their phone screen.

Will a ban on texting and driving make Florida roads safer?

Florida readers know that texting while driving is extremely dangerous. When a driver looks at a phone for even a second, it greatly increases his or her chances of involvement in a serious car accident. In order to combat this issue and make Florida roads safer for everyone, state lawmakers are considering a bill to ban texting while operating a vehicle.

Hurt in a hotel? Don't go to sleep on your liability claim.

During seasons of the year when many people are traveling in Florida, this leads to an increased number of people who are staying in hotels. If you are one of the people who will check into a hotel at some point in the near future, you will likely do so with the assumption that you will not face any unnecessary harm.

Handling the aftermath of your motorcycle accident

Many people in Florida who choose to ride motorcycles do so because they enjoy the freedom of the open road and the overall experience of biking, However, many other motorists do not know how to properly share the road, and as a result, innocent bikers may suffer serious injuries in motorcycle accidents.

4 questions you may have about spinal cord injuries

Walking, running, jumping or even going to the bathroom on your own may be actions that you take for granted. Of course, many other Florida residents certainly do not think twice about their abilities to complete certain actions in the course of their everyday activities. However, you may find yourself with a different viewpoint if you suffer a serious injury that impacts your abilities.

Money and property may not be your only accident losses

If you suffered injuries in a Florida car accident, you know that the impact can reach to most, if not all, areas of your life. You may experience much more than just loss of property and physical injuries, but you could also experience losses that are intangible and difficult to properly value.

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