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Falling cargo caused 346 traffic crashes in Tampa Bay

Imagine a terrible crash while on the road because someone failed to securely tie down cargo. Think of you veering over someone's spilled load or falling debris and losing control in busy traffic. Sadly, these types of incidences happen all the time. Falling cargo on roads from vehicles poses a substantial threat to other motorists and can cause serious bodily injury or death to an individual. Trucks and heavy commercial motor vehicles typically transport huge loads such as furniture, construction equipment, garbage, and farm tractors and other motor vehicles. Any of this cargo can become deadly if improperly secured

Drowsy driving leading to alarming number of crashes, deaths

Speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving and the like are not the only causes of fatal accidents. Drowsiness of those behind the wheels is also an important factor responsible for the accidents. Specifically, while law enforcement officials continuously target drunk drivers and speeding vehicles, drowsy driving can result many commercial vehicle accidents which can also prove fatal.

Federal rest rules limit time truckers can stay on road

As this blog has mentioned previously, a fatigued truck driver or, for that matter, any commercial driver can cause a great deal of destruction. Even if a driver does not outright fall asleep behind the wheel, a driver who is too tired can easily drift in and out of his lane, make explained stops and, basically, exhibit a lot of the same behavior one would expect from a driver who is drunk or drugged.

Commercial trucks pose problems for Florida motorists

In Florida, trucks and other commercial vehicles are often subject to greater regulation than personal or noncommercial vehicles. Because of their potential for use in interstate commerce, trucks and truck drivers may be subject to federal regulations and laws as well as state laws. This means that when a truck accident that involves a commercial vehicle takes place, there can be many complex issues to sort out.

Helping Tampa area truck accident victims

When an 18-wheeler crashes into a smaller vehicle, the amount of damage can be astonishing. What once was a car may look like nothing more than a wadded ball of metal. Oftentimes, such truck accidents can be so devastating that victims cannot be extracted without being cut out from the wreckage.

Florida deputy's death underscores 18-wheeler dangers

As the state's population booms and national demand for its products increases, tractor-trailers that haul the goods needed to meet the demands of businesses and consumers are an increasingly frequent sight on Florida's highways. Big rigs are not necessarily inherently dangerous, but when something goes wrong and sends one of these commercial vehicles into traffic, the outcome is often an unhappy one. Truck accidents are becoming an all-to-frequent problem in Florida.

Big rigs and ice can lead to serious injuries

The Tampa area doesn't see much ice, but this winter's cold snaps have resulted in both ice and snow across the northern parts of Florida. Such conditions can be hazardous for any driver who is not used to them. But when semi truck drivers who are not accustomed to driving on ice or snow unexpectedly encounter such conditions, disastrous truck accidents can result.

Negligent maintenance trucking accident representation

Commercial truckers must abide by strict federal and state laws regarding routine maintenance of their trucks. These include regular inspections and repairs. If an accident involving a truck is found to be the fault of the trucker by negligent maintenance, then both he and/or the company by which he is employed may be held liable.

Liability for injuries caused by an unqualified truck driver

Trucking accidents happen every day across our nation. Many times, there are catastrophic injuries, or even fatalities as a result. During those stressful times, the qualifications of a truck driver are likely not at the forefront of the minds of a devastated family. However, there are instances where a commercial vehicle is being operated by an individual without a proper CDL license or training.

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