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Posts tagged "Premises Liability"

Floor collapse at college apartments raises issues

Being a relatively large state, Florida is the home to several colleges and universities. The young people who attend these schools, assuming they do not just commute from their parents' homes, will no doubt a need a place to call home while they are attending classes.

The aftermath of a slip-and-fall accident

We have all seen them. The funny slip-and-fall videos constantly posted on social media. The ones with captions like, "We all have that clumsy friend," or "How my day is going." In the moment, as a light-hearted display, they can be humorous. However, they have a not so funny side as well. Many times debilitating injuries can occur as a result of that fall. Once the initial shock and embarrassment wear off, these individuals sometimes need significant medical attention for broken bones among other injuries.

Brawls and laws: who is eligible for a patron's injuries?

Many people may go out for a drink with friends, thinking it is going to be a great, fun night. While standing by the bar waiting to order, when suddenly, a drunken brawl breaks out right nearby. Suddenly, there is nowhere to go, and by the time the fight is broken up by security, instead of receiving a drink, the bar-goer receives a black eye and bloody lip. These scenarios happen often in bars across the country.

I slipped and fell on another person's property. Who pays?

So you went to a barbecue at a friend's house. When the time came to leave, you were walking down the driveway when you turned around to wave goodbye one last time, and you stepped on an oil slick. This caused you to slip, fall and break your ankle. Now what? Who has to pay the medical bills?

Skilled help for the injured in premises liability claims

When we step outside our doors and onto other people's property, we place trust in others to keep their property reasonably safe. Indeed, property owners have a legal duty to keep their premises reasonably safe so that visitors are not injured by property hazards.

Injury-causing accidents are common at shopping malls

When a Tampa shopper enters a mall or other retail establishment, they are generally focused on finding the goods that they need so that they may buy them, leaving the store, and going about their day. Few consider the dangers that may be present as they walk the stores' aisles and climb their escalators. In the following paragraphs, this post will discuss some of the common hazards that lead to personal injury accidents in shopping malls, injuries that can compel victims to pursue premises liability lawsuits.

Poor property maintenance can lead to premises liability accident

Our readers have probably experienced a situation like or very similar to this: after parking their car and shopping indoors for a few hours they leave and find that it has gotten dark. They generally remember where they parked, but since some of the lights in the parking lot have gone out it is hard to see exactly where they are going. Maybe they make it to their vehicle without any trouble, but maybe they trip on a crack in the pavement of the lot, or slip on a patch of oil or water. Maybe in the darkness they do not see a step and fall when they are unable to catch their footing.

How do dog bites fit into premises liability law?

A dog bite can lead to serious medical complications, depending on the severity of the injury the animal inflicts, or if the animal carries a disease. As animals are generally considered the property of their owners, when Florida residents are hurt by dangerous dogs, their negligence-based legal claims can fall under premises liability law.

How is an attractive nuisance a dangerous property condition?

Children have a unique way of making seemingly benign objects dangerous through their creativity and general lack of regard for safety. In some cases, a Tampa adult may not recognize the hazards a particular property condition presents until a child demonstrates those dangers. However, in other cases, a dangerous property condition, though unappealing to adults, may lure children to it and subject them to serious threats to their health and well-being.

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