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Motorcycle safety important year-round in Florida

In Florida – and across the United States – May was Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. However, in a place like the Sunshine State, where motorcyclists can ride year-round, motorcycle safety needs to be a priority during every month of the year. This is of particular importance in Florida, which leads the nation in fatal motorcycle accidents.

recent report from the Governors Highway Safety Association reveals that in 2016, 574 people died in motorcycle accidents on the roads of Florida. In that year, California was the only other state with more than 500 motorcycle fatalities. Preliminary estimates indicate that in 2017, at least 504 motorcyclists were killed in Florida. Although the numbers are lower than the previous year, Florida once again had more motorcycle fatalities than any other state in the country.

In 2016, motorcycle crashes accounted for 18.5 percent of the total motor vehicle fatalities in Florida. In only six other states did motorcycle fatalities comprise a higher percentage of total traffic fatalities. Nevada had the distinction of leading the nation in this category, with motorcycle deaths making up 22.6 percent of all traffic fatalities.

Nationwide, 5,286 people died in motorcycle accidents in 2016. The year’s death toll was the second-highest for motorcyclists in 23 years. After more than a decade of climbing steadily, the number of fatalities peaked in 2008 at 5,312 and then dropped more than 20 percent the following year. Unfortunately, the number of motorcycle deaths has again been creeping steadily upward.

If your family member has been killed in a motorcycle accident with a negligent driver, you may be able to file a wrongful death case against the other driver. You may wish to contact an attorney to discuss the circumstances of your case.