Attorney Anderson was my strength through this difficult time.

Dave S.

I was struck by the care and compassion of not only the Andersons, but their entire staff!

Louise S.

Although it was not a huge case, I didn’t feel any less important.

Noelle G.

Legal assistance after injuries in slip-and-fall accidents

While it might seem to be the foundation for a comedic skit and might even be somewhat humorous if there wasn’t the possibility and reality of injury and even death, a person slipping and falling in a business establishment or on the property of another is something that happens all too frequently in Florida. What must be remembered is that slip-and-fall accidents can cause substantial damage and result in massive medical costs to those affected. If this happens, the injured person has a right to be compensated.

This type of incident can be due to a number of reasons from not cleaning up a spill, a pavement that is not even, tripping on an obstacle, a wet floor, rugs that were not smoothed and secured and if there is construction being done and objects are left in places where they can be tripped over. There are an endless number of ways in which it can occur. It could happen to a customer in a store, to a visitor to another’s home or to a person who is working on a property. This type of incident is generally the responsibility of the property owner and they can happen in any location whether it is a store, a school, a hospital or a person’s home.

If a person falls, ligaments can be torn, bones can be broken and, in the worst case, death can occur if the person hits the person’s head. Initially, it might not seem to be that serious. But as time passes and treatment is needed, the costs of such treatment can grow exponentially with the person unable to get back to work or a normal life. It is then that the full scope of the accident is realized. Considering the loss that people can experience after slip-and-fall accidents, it is imperative to be protected with help from a legal advisor — like those at our law firm.

Those who have fallen due to the negligence or incompetence of another on their property need to be aware of their options to be compensated for that which they have lost. Speaking to an attorney at our firm who is experienced in pursuing claims for premises liability is the first step to moving forward with a legal case.