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How do dog bites fit into premises liability law?

A dog bite can lead to serious medical complications, depending on the severity of the injury the animal inflicts, or if the animal carries a disease. As animals are generally considered the property of their owners, when Florida residents are hurt by dangerous dogs, their negligence-based legal claims can fall under premises liability law.

Victims of dog and other animal bites should always make their treatment a priority, but may also choose to prioritize their legal rights, after seeking medical care. Personal injury attorneys can offer guidance on whether their injuries could be compensated through litigation.

Factors that may influence the outcome of an animal bite case can vary. A court may evaluate if the animal had a history of biting or if its dangerous propensities could have warned the owner of its potential. It may investigate if the bite recipient provoked, bothered or undertook actions that incited. Courts may also consider where the biting incident occurred, whether it happened in public or on the owner’s property.

Due to the significant costs that an animal bite victim can incur, courts can award a number of different types of damages. They may be compensated for their medical costs and any wages they may lose because of seeking treatment.

They can also seek compensation for pain and suffering, as well as the costs associated with repairing their property if the animal also inflicted damage on it when the bite occurred. As animal bite case can proceed on a multitude of different facts, readers are asked to use this post as information only and to consult with personal injury attorneys about the merits of their pending dog bite cases.