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How big of a problem is drugged driving?

It is no secret that drunk driving is dangerous. However, driving under the influence of drugs can be just as dangerous and it is becoming just as deadly as driving while intoxicated, according to recent reports.

report by the Governors Highway Safety Association has revealed that drugs like amphetamines and marijuana were involved in a whopping 38 percent of fatal accident in 2013. This is evidently almost the same amount of accidents involving a drunk driver.

There have been many suggestions for why drugged driving is becoming more and more of a problem, including the relaxed views on and legalization of marijuana in states across the U.S. and the widespread use of prescription drugs containing amphetamines.

Another potential factor in the increase in drugged driving could be linked to the misconception that these types of drugs do not significantly affect driving ability. However, they can slow a driver’s reflexes and impair decision-making skills. Even a seemingly small mistake or bad decision can lead to a major crash when an impaired driver is behind the wheel of a 3,000-pound motor vehicle.

There are many driving behaviors that people know are dangerous but they engage in them anyway, including impaired driving. While these actions don’t necessarily always result in an accident, the fact is that they certainly can and all too often, do.

In the event that you or a loved one has been hurt in a crash caused by a dangerous or negligent driver, you should know that you may have grounds to file a legal claim seeking compensation. Money may not solve all the problems with which you may be struggling, but it can help you cope with damages and focus on moving forward.