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Holding responsible parties liable for pool-related injuries

Many Floridians have swimming pools on their property. They’re obviously one of the greatest sources of premises liability for the owners because it’s far too easy for tragic accidents, particularly involving children, to occur. Every year, on average, over 280 children under 5 years old are killed in drowning accidents. Some 2,700 require emergency room treatment.

Florida property owners who have a swimming pool, whether in a multi-family dwelling like an apartment building or at their own home, have an obligation to take certain precautions to help protect those in and around the pool.

Drowning is an obvious cause of many pool-related deaths. However, injuries and fatalities can also result from:

— Falls on slippery surfaces around the pool

— Head and other injuries from diving in unmarked or poorly-marked shallow water

— Drownings, eviscerations and disembowelments from drains that suck people into them

— Inadequate gates and fences that allow children to get into the pool area when there’s no supervision

At Timothy G. Anderson, P.A., we work to help victims and family members impacted by swimming pool injuries and deaths hold the responsible parties accountable. Our attorneys know how to investigate the circumstances behind a swimming pool accident. We work to determine whether the property owner and/or other entities such as pool builders or maintenance companies can and should be held responsible.

We understand that it can be tempting to accept an offer from an insurance company after an accident. However, too often people accept these offers without legal advice and then find that they aren’t enough to cover what could be long-term medical care. Further, a quick settlement may let some responsible parties off scot-free

That’s why it’s essential to seek legal advice if you or a loved one has suffered a swimming pool or spa-related injury or death. We provide free consultations, so you have nothing to lose by discussing your case with one of our experienced Tampa attorneys.