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Hands-free devices: Safer than handling a phone while driving?

Modern technology makes lives better and safer in many ways, yet sometimes, these conveniences are actually more dangerous when used in an inappropriate manner. For example, cell phones provide many benefits, yet when used by a person who is driving, they can be the cause of serious car accidents. In fact, phone-related distracted driving is a major problem in Florida and across the country.

In order to avoid holding a phone and participating in distracting activities, many drivers use hands-free devices. However, even with both hands on the wheel, these devices can be just as distracting as other types of activities. A driver whose mind is not on the task of driving safely is unfocused, distracted, negligent and a threat to everyone else on the road.

The hidden danger of cognitive distraction

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are three main types of distracted driving. They are as follows:

  • Manual distraction: A driver is manually distracted when he or she removes one or both hands from the steering wheel for any reason, whether it be to eat, to adjust the radio or hold a cell phone.
  • Visual distraction: Visual distraction occurs when a driver is looking at something other than the road ahead. Whether it is reading a billboard or reading a text message, visual distraction is dangerous.
  • Cognitive distraction: Cognitive distraction is deceptive because while it looks like a driver is driving safely, his or her mind could be engaged in something else. Often, hands-free devices take a driver’s attention and cause distraction, even with both hands on the wheel.

Hands-free devices may not cause visual or manual distraction, but they can be just as dangerous and cause accidents that are just as devastating as texting while driving. Distracted and unfocused driving is always dangerous, always preventable and always negligent.

What are your rights as an accident victim?

If you suffered harm because of a distracted driver, you have the right to a full and fair recovery. You do not have to suffer alone, but you may seek compensation for damage to your personal property, physical injuries and other types of pain and suffering.

It can be difficult to grasp the options that may be available to you after an accident. One way that you can protect your rights as an accident victim is to make the effort to become closely familiar with them. If you have grounds to file a civil claim after a distracted driving accident, you have no time to lose in fighting for your financial interests.