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Filing a pain and suffering claim as the victim of a car accident

You have recently been in a motor vehicle accident, and now, you are struggling with depression and persistent headaches. These health problems are unfortunately preventing you from being able to focus on your regular activities.

Fortunately, you can take legal action if your problems are the result of another driver’s negligence in Florida. Here is a look at what all is involved in seeking compensation for pain and suffering stemming from a car crash that was not your fault:

Calculating damages for pain and suffering

If you believe that another driver’s recklessness or negligent actions has caused you to experience pain and suffering in the aftermath of a motor vehicle collision, you will have to prove this. Pain and suffering refers to any physical or mental distress you have experienced due to your accident. These kinds of damages are often challenging to prove because evaluating them can be a highly subjective process. Many factors must be taken into consideration because victims can experience substantially different levels of pain and suffering after being involved in similar types of accidents.

Gathering your evidence

If you plan to file a legal claim for pain and suffering, it is critical that you gather documentation to support your claim. For instance, you can get a copy of the police report that was filed following your accident. You can also obtain copies of your health care bills, medical records and prescribed-medication receipts to show how serious your health condition is.

Other evidence that may be helpful for proving pain and suffering includes a doctor’s notes, proof that you have lost wages due to your injuries, and even pictures of the injuries you sustained in the car wreck. The more evidence you can collect, the better.

How an attorney can help

Proving damages related to pain and suffering in an accident resulting from another driver’s negligence can be challenging. The process typically requires you to use complex methods and calculations to make the most compelling claim possible. However, an experienced attorney can utilize these equations to help you to obtain the maximum amount of damages to which you are entitled following your unfortunate accident.

A successfully fought suit that leads to a monetary damage award cannot undo the events that led to your potentially life-altering crash. However, it can help you to experience a sense of justice and more easily move forward from the accident.