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Everyone struggles when a loved one suffers a brain injury

The hours and days following your loved one’s car accident are probably a blur to you. Doctors may have shown you brain scans, explained test results and hinted at a prognosis, but three words stuck in your head: traumatic brain injury. You may know little about TBIs, and you are not alone. In fact, many doctors themselves confess how little they know about the human brain.

If your thoughts spun with questions and confusion, it is understandable. TBIs are complicated injuries, and there is often no predicting how one victim will fare when compared to others with similar injuries. Since the brain essentially controls other bodily functions, a blow to the head can affect a person in many unsettling ways.

Expect the unexpected

Reportedly, about 1.7 million people in the country suffer a TBI each year, and 17.3 percent of those occur in motor vehicle accidents. For most, the treatment is simple, and doctors release them from the emergency room without admitting them. However, over 125,000 victims of TBIs become permanently disabled. Your loved one’s TBI may affect many areas of his or her life, for example:

  • Your loved one’s ability to eat, get dressed or perform other routine tasks
  • Your loved one’s sleeping patterns
  • Your loved one’s control of emotions and thoughts
  • Your loved one’s ability to communicate

After suffering a TBI, there is also an increased risk of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s. Your loved one may also suffer seizures if the electrical system of the brain is affected. Many factors can determine the outcome of a brain injury, including your loved one’s age, health and the part of the brain that the injury affects.

You do not have to fight this battle alone

Florida law allows those who suffer TBIs due to the negligence of others to seek compensation for medical expenses, the cost of future medical treatment, current and future loss of wages, and pain and suffering. To maximize the chances of obtaining this much-needed compensation, the assistance of an experienced attorney will be invaluable, especially if the person found responsible for your loved one’s injury did not have insurance.

Successfully handling the complicated factors of a TBI case requires years of experience. An attorney with more than 30 years of civil trial experience will provide you with an advantage in court. Since you are likely focused on providing the care and attention your loved one needs, you can depend on your attorney to fight for your loved one.