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Does drivers’ lack of sleep contribute to truck accidents?

It is hard to do anything well when a person is tired. Each day, Tampa residents wake up, hit their snooze buttons, and hope for just a few more minutes of coveted sleep before they must start their days and meet their professional and familial responsibilities. A good night’s sleep make all the difference between doing a job well or having to do it over; in some cases, the failure of an individual to adequately rest before doing their job can put others at serious risk of injury.

A good example of this is the problem of fatigued truck drivers on American roads. In the not so distant past truck drivers were able to operate their large commercial rigs for extended hours and over many days in order to make fast deliveries for the companies that employed them to transport their goods. However, exhaustion presented itself as a serious problem as tired drivers caused devastating truck accidents and innocent parties suffered significant losses as a result of such crashes.

As a result of this problem the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration imposed restrictionson the number of consecutive hours that drivers may operate as well as the length of breaks and periods of sleep they must take in order to begin driving again. Drivers are required to record their periods of driving, periods of break, and periods of sleep in trucking logs that may be reviewed if ever a driver is involved in an accident with other motorists.

Although the FMCSA has imposed hours of service rules on truck drivers some still break the law and operate their vehicles beyond the mandated maximums. When they do they risk putting themselves and others in harm’s way due to the fatigue the will experience from failing to take breaks and rest. Injured parties from truck accidents may wish to investigate if fatigue played a role in their incidents and can utilize the services of personal injury attorneys to begin such inquiries.