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Do you know what damages are recoverable after a car accident?

Were you a victim in a Florida car accident? Then the impact of your injuries on your life might be significant. Along with medical expenses immediately after the incident, you might need long-term therapy, and your condition could deter you from returning to work. Add to that the fact that you might be unable to carry out regular household and other tasks, and the strain all this could put on your relationship with your spouse.

You likely have questions about the process of pursuing financial recovery through the civil justice system, and the damages you might recover. Did you know that, along with economic losses, you may also seek recovery of emotional damages?

Recoverable damages

Although each personal injury claim is unique, these are some of the damages you might consider seeking:

  • Medical expenses: It is crucial to have a medical evaluation after any car accident because some injuries are not immediately evident and could cause future health problems. Accident-related medical expenses could include ambulance and hospital fees along with doctors’ and therapists’ bills, in-home services and medical accessories such as walkers or crutches. Potential future or follow-up medical care can also form part of this claim. You may even include the costs of hired help with household tasks or walking the dogs.
  • Lost income: Did your time in the hospital and subsequent physical therapy sessions along with mobility problems and other physical challenges affect your income? Your injuries might even jeopardize your future earning ability. When you add lost income to your claim, matters that the jury will consider include your age and life expectancy along with your occupation, experience and skills.
  • Pain and suffering: This involves the level of physical and mental distress you suffered. The jury will look at the type and seriousness of your injuries and a doctor’s prognosis for potential future pain related to the accident injuries. It could include emotional suffering such as stress or anxiety caused by the accident.
  • Loss of companionship or affection: If you are married, your spouse can claim damages for the fact that the injuries caused your inability to enjoy sexual relations and other manners of showing affection. The law refers to this as a loss of consortium, and he or she can only claim this if you recover damages.

Was the accident fatal?

If you lost a loved one in a crash, you could claim recovery of all the above mentioned damages, and the time frame for any applicable expenses would be for the period between the accident and the victim’s death. You can also claim many of the expenses related to end-of-life arrangements.

How would you quantify your claims?

When you pursue financial relief through the Florida civil justice system, the task of putting monetary values to those claims for which you have no bills, such as any emotional damages, can be rather challenging. Fortunately, resources are readily available to provide the necessary legal guidance and support through every step of the process.