Attorney Anderson was my strength through this difficult time.

Dave S.

I was struck by the care and compassion of not only the Andersons, but their entire staff!

Louise S.

Although it was not a huge case, I didn’t feel any less important.

Noelle G.
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Do not underestimate the power of trucks on the road

We see trucks every day on the roads so often many of us take them for granted. But it is important to understand that trucks carry with them not only cargo, but additional hazards while sharing the roads with traditional cars.

While trucks such as garbage trucks, dump trucks and 18 wheeler commercial trucks may not seem to be a threat on the roads, there are many inherent additional dangers both for truck drivers and for drivers of cars that should not be overlooked.

The laws of physics tell us that an object in motion will stay in motion unless a force counters its movement. And the heavier the object, the harder it is to slow down. This is called momentum. This means that a truck driver will have a more difficult time slowing down, stopping and even swerving to avoid a hazard on the road. This also means that when a crash does occur between a car and a truck, the car is far more likely to suffer damage and the driver of the car is at a far greater risk of serious injury or even death.

Although there are laws in place to prevent truck drivers from spending too much time on the roads, it is still not uncommon for drivers to push their own limits and even break the law in order to get their cargo to their destination as quickly as possible. Driver fatigue, speeding and negligent truck maintenance are common reasons for truck accidents to occur. It is important to keep all of this in mind while sharing the roads with trucks. Staying alert can mean the difference between life and death.