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Distractions can cause car accidents serious injuries

Driving a car is not always an easy task. As Tampa residents know, drivers must first understand the rules of the road before they are granted licenses that they may use to legally drive vehicles. Once a licensed driver has a vehicle, they must understand the nuances of its operation and work to keep it safe and in good condition so that it does not break down or otherwise cause them harm. If a licensed driver has a safe vehicle to drive, their ability to safely operate it can be affected by uncontrollable circumstances such as bad weather, heavy traffic, and other unpredictable events. In other words, getting to the point of putting a safe car and safe driver on the road together is not necessarily an easy task.

However, many people take the already difficult process of driving to an even more dangerous level when they choose to operate motor vehicles while distracted. Distracted driving occurs when a driver has their attention on something other than the road, such as a smartphone, a passenger, food or another item of interest.

Because distracted driving takes drivers’ attention off of the road, it can lead to dangerous and life-threatening car accidents. In the time it takes a driver to change a radio station, turn their head to acknowledge a passenger in the backseat or check a text message, they may have collided with another vehicle and caused innocent parties serious injuries and harm.

Victims of distracted driving accidents generally have rights to seek compensation through civil litigation when they suffer harm at the hands of negligent parties. The law firm of Anderson & Anderson provides personal injury and vehicle accident legal support to victims in just these circumstances. To learn more about the firm and to begin investigating their rights to sue, victims of distracted driving collisions can visit Anderson & Anderson online through the firm’s car accident webpage.