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Commercial trucks pose problems for Florida motorists

In Florida, trucks and other commercial vehicles are often subject to greater regulation than personal or noncommercial vehicles. Because of their potential for use in interstate commerce, trucks and truck drivers may be subject to federal regulations and laws as well as state laws. This means that when a truck accident that involves a commercial vehicle takes place, there can be many complex issues to sort out.

For example, if a truck that is subject to both state and federal regulation is involved in an accident in the Tampa area, the crash could fall under the jurisdiction of either a federal investigative agency, like the National Transportation Safety Board, a state agency, such as the Florida Highway Patrol, or local law enforcement authorities. In some cases, all of those agencies may have jurisdiction over investigating the same crash and pinpointing a cause. Usually, however, there is interagency cooperation over the investigation of such crashes.

The Tampa Bay Times recently reported on an example of the type of accident that could be subject to a multi-jurisdictional investigation. A FedEx driver died when his delivery truck blew a tire and crashed. The delivery track careened into a passenger vehicle and rolled into the median. The driver, unfortunately, was not wearing a seat belt and sustained fatal injuries. The other car spun out after colliding with the truck, but the occupants of the car were not seriously injured.

Those injured in an accident with a truck or other commercial vehicle may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. But, clearly, sorting out the cause of the accident and the nature of the liability in such an accident can be complicated. For this reason, commercial and truck accident victims should seek the counsel of an experienced litigation attorney.