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Clumsy or negligent? Examining premises liability claims

Getting injured in an accident can make victims feel many different things. Beside being in pain, they can feel embarrassed and scared, but that might eventually lead to feeling frustrated and even angry. This can be especially true if the injured party feels that the accident could have and should have been prevented.

For example, if you have gotten hurt after slipping in the mall, getting bitten by a neighbor’s dog or eating contaminated food, you may initially feel like the accident was your own fault or just a clumsy accident. However, you may come to realize that factors beyond your control actually contributed to the accident. In these situations, you may have grounds to pursue a legal claim.

In the examples we mentioned above, there are many situations in which negligence may be a factor.

In regards to slip-and-fall accidents, property owners are supposed to keep floors, walkways and stairwells clear and free from hazards. If a hazard cannot be removed right away, property owners are expected to put up a sign or otherwise warn people to use caution.

If you are bitten by a dog, you could feel like it was your own fault. However, unless you taunted, teased or attacked a dog, it is generally the dog owner’s responsibility to keep dogs trained, in control and away from others if it poses a threat to someone’s safety.

Many of us have experienced some degree of illness after eating some bad food and dismiss it as a temporary ailment and a lesson learned. However, if you have eaten food that was contaminated with harmful chemicals or foreign objects, you may have a legal claim against the party responsible for manufacturing, selling or preparing the food.

We hope readers recognize the fact that while some of these scenarios are little more than unfortunate accidents, there are instances when accidents are the result of negligence. If you have questions about your legal options in light of these situations, you can visit our website to learn more about how our law firm helps people pursue compensation through premises liability claims.