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Products liability Archives

Automobile design defect in Toyota Prius sparks recall

While the news has had a great number of stories about recalls due to a defective auto part that has led to injuries and even death due to airbag malfunctions, this is not the only issue that car companies are dealing with when it comes to a necessary product recall. People in Florida and throughout the world must be attentive of dangerous problems with vehicles that go beyond those that are the first story on the news. Those who believe they or a loved one might have been injured because of a problem with an automobile design defect should make sure that they understand the concept of a products liability lawsuit.

Defective auto part recall grows even larger

It's well known by now for residents in Florida and all over the world that there have been a massive number of recalls related to an automobile design defect due to air bags manufactured by Takata. The dangers of this defective auto part are significant, and people who might have been affected by it must make certain that they are aware of how to move forward with a case to be compensated.

CPSC issues dangerous product warning for hoverboards

It is always possible that a new and hot item will eventually be deemed a dangerous product. In Florida and across the U.S., hoverboards are a common sight for people of all ages. These scooters are popular because they are self-balancing and a seemingly innocuous way to get around and have some fun. However, injuries with these products are prevalent and they stem from more than just their users falling from the hoverboard. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has declared that hoverboards are unsafe and is seeking certification as to their safety before more of them can be sold.

3 ways a product may be defective

When you buy a product, you likely don't know much about how that product was designed, how it was manufactured or what decisions were made when it came to how to market it to consumers. What you do know is that if the product is new, it should be working properly and in good condition; you also assume that if there are risks associated with using the item, it will come with appropriate instructions and warnings. These are reasonable expectations.

3 reasons to seek legal help with your product liability claim

When we buy something, we expect that it will be safe or come with proper warnings about how to use it safely. Product manufacturers, installers, wholesalers and retail stores all take on some of the responsibility of providing consumers with safe products that are free from defects. Too often, unfortunately, unsafe products get through all these parties and into the hands of people who have no idea they could be dangerous.

GM faulty ignition switch claims increase to 4,342

Imagine that you're driving your car down the highway at 65 MPH when you hit a bump in the road and suddenly loose power. Unable to steer or engage the vehicle's power-braking system, your vehicle careens off the road with you helplessly sitting behind the wheel bracing for impact. For hundreds of drivers and passengers in General Motors vehicles, this nightmare scenario became their reality.

Did your injuries result from a defective auto part?

In a blog entry last October, we discussed the many problems facing General Motors in the wake of numerous motor vehicle recalls. For individuals who suffer injuries or financial losses due to a defective auto part or motor vehicle, it's important to discuss one's case with an attorney who can help determine if legal action may be warranted.

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