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Car Accidents Archives

Sobering car accident statistics in the Sunshine State

More than 16 million drivers occupy the roads, streets and highways in Florida. According to Florida's Integrated Report Exchange System (FIRES), there were nearly 400,000 auto accidents in the Sunshine State last year. These crashes resulted in almost a quarter million injuries and more than 2,900 deaths. Statistics such as these are sobering: You never know what you will encounter when you put the keys in the ignition and pull out of your driveway.

How can I be compensated for a hit and run accident?

In July, 2014, the rate of hit and run accidents in the state of Florida had increased by such a percentage that Florida Highway Patrol launched the "Stay at the Scene" campaign to educate drivers on their responsibilities in the event of a car accident. In conjunction with that campaign, the penalties for hit and run drivers also changed on July 1, 2014, becoming what is now known as the Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act. This can be found as part of the Florida Statutes.

Accident involving a habitual traffic offender causes injuries

A two-vehicle accident in Hillsborough County near the beginning of this month sent four people to the hospital, one with serious injuries. The accident occurred when a man driving a pickup truck rear-ended an SUV, causing the SUV to leave the road and overturn near the shoulder. The driver of the overturned vehicle and two teenage passengers received care for minor injuries, while a 13-year-old passenger was taken to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries. Thankfully, all in the rear-ended car were wearing seatbelts.

Drowsy drivers cause accidents

Think about how much slower you can be to respond to a difficult question when you are exhausted. Not only do your physical reflexes become slower when you are tired, but your brain can as well. A driver's mental fatigue is often the cause of car accidents. It is for this reason there are federal regulations in place that dictate the amount of rest time a transportation employee must take when driving.

Should I settle my car accident claims?

The decision to settle any legal case should be made after consulting with an attorney who practices in the area of law relevant to the party's claims. As such, Tampa residents who are unsure of whether it is to their advantage to settle their vehicle accident cases are strongly encouraged to discuss the facts of their cases with personal injury attorneys. This post does not provide any legal advice and should not be relied on for those seeking counsel on how to handle their pending claims.

Distractions can cause car accidents serious injuries

Driving a car is not always an easy task. As Tampa residents know, drivers must first understand the rules of the road before they are granted licenses that they may use to legally drive vehicles. Once a licensed driver has a vehicle, they must understand the nuances of its operation and work to keep it safe and in good condition so that it does not break down or otherwise cause them harm. If a licensed driver has a safe vehicle to drive, their ability to safely operate it can be affected by uncontrollable circumstances such as bad weather, heavy traffic, and other unpredictable events. In other words, getting to the point of putting a safe car and safe driver on the road together is not necessarily an easy task.

Man killed in vehicle collision while waiting with disabled car

An out-of-town driver was recently killed in a tragic vehicle collision in Florida. The driver's car suffered difficulties and came to a stop on the side of the road. The driver got out of the vehicle and was then hit by a moving vehicle that was traveling through the roadway. The individual who was driving the car that hit the victim did not stop to help and at this time police officers have not been able to identify that person.

College student killed in motorcycle-car accident

As Florida residents age, they often reflect on the carefree days they spent as youths. They may remember the freedom they felt from careers and families, and the enjoyment they derived from engaging in hobbies that they can no longer undertake in their older age. A young Florida college student will never have the chance to partake in this common form of nostalgia. His life was tragically ended in a deadly motorcycle-vehicle collision.

A drunk driving car accident can be financially devastating

Drunk driving is a national problem, but it hits home when Tampa residents become the victims of collisions with intoxicated drivers. An accident with a drunk driver can at best, result in property damage and few injuries. At worst, a drunk driving accident can claim lives and leave loved ones of the victims reeling in their suffering.

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