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Florida roads would be a lot safer without drunk drivers

When you get behind the wheel to travel on Florida roads, you understand that you must adhere to traffic laws. You likely also understand that there's not much you can do about the skills or habits of other drivers. Drunk driving kills thousands of people in this state and others every year. You can lower the risk of collision by practicing safe driving habits and making responsible choices.

There are numerous ways to avoid drunk driving and multiple ways to recognize potential danger on the road. However, if a person consumes alcohol, drives a car, hits you and causes you injury, it's understandable that you'd want to seek justice. It's a good idea to know what to do if an accident occurs and where to seek legal support as needed.

Things drunk drivers often do

If you notice another vehicle on the road that appears to be moving erratically, it's a sign that the driver might be drunk. Drunk drivers often have trouble navigating curves. They take bends far too widely or much too tightly. If a nearby vehicle is veering left or right in its lane, it is also a sign that the driver might be intoxicated.

Drunk drivers often forget to use their headlights in the dark. Erratic braking and accelerating might tip you off to a drunk driver. If someone is applying brakes at random times and his or her speed doesn't coincide with current traffic flow, try to steer clear.

Don't be part of the problem

The safer a driver you are, the safer the roads will be. If you plan to imbibe away from home, ask a designated driver to come along to be your chauffeur. If you're a passenger in a car and you witness the driver drinking, refuse to get into the vehicle and try to get him or her to surrender the keys.

Abstaining from alcohol when planning to drive is the easiest way to avoid illegal operation of a motor vehicle. You can also use ride-share services to make sure you do not drive under the influence of alcohol.

If you or a loved one suffers injury

The recovery process can be long and arduous after a drunk driving accident. You might have physical injuries as well as post-traumatic stress syndrome, which can cause lasting emotional trauma. Obtaining the care and treatment you need is possible but also typically expensive. This is why Florida law enables recovering drunk driving accident victims to seek monetary judgment against those whose negligence caused their injuries.

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