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June 2019 Archives

Florida roads would be a lot safer without drunk drivers

When you get behind the wheel to travel on Florida roads, you understand that you must adhere to traffic laws. You likely also understand that there's not much you can do about the skills or habits of other drivers. Drunk driving kills thousands of people in this state and others every year. You can lower the risk of collision by practicing safe driving habits and making responsible choices.

Falling cargo caused 346 traffic crashes in Tampa Bay

Imagine a terrible crash while on the road because someone failed to securely tie down cargo. Think of you veering over someone's spilled load or falling debris and losing control in busy traffic. Sadly, these types of incidences happen all the time. Falling cargo on roads from vehicles poses a substantial threat to other motorists and can cause serious bodily injury or death to an individual. Trucks and heavy commercial motor vehicles typically transport huge loads such as furniture, construction equipment, garbage, and farm tractors and other motor vehicles. Any of this cargo can become deadly if improperly secured

FDA issues alert concerning Hep A in Kroger's frozen blackberries

Hepatitis A has become a problem in Florida, as in the remaining parts the country. Florida has confirmed 1,373 cases of Hepatitis A so far this year, which is more than the number of cases reported the entire time between 2014 and 2018.

Florida leads nation in bicycle deaths

Bicycle riders on the road are at risk of being hit by motor vehicles, such as trucks or cars. Bicycle accidents may cause serious injuries or even fatalities, because people who ride bicycles are not as protected as those in other vehicles on the road. Florida authorities continue to educate drivers, cyclists and pedestrians on road safety. However, regardless of such programs and awareness, the national data on fatalities from bicycle accidents released recently may put residents of Florida in shock. They may find it alarming to read that according to a new report, Florida is the deadliest state in the country for bicyclists.

Are mandatory rest breaks contributing to trucking accidents?

Motorists of all types of vehicles generally know that a fatigued driver is a dangerous driver. This danger is more pronounced when it comes to semi-trucks. Though they are a vital and necessary tool for our economy, their larger size means that cars involved in trucking accidents sustain greater damage, and people in those accidents suffer more serious injuries.

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