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Your doctor should know if your baby is in distress during labor

Whether you are having your first baby or have gone through pregnancy, labor and delivery numerous times, you likely experience a wide range of emotions as you await the birth of a child. You might have certain health issues that are cause for concern as well. This is why it's so important to stay closely connected with an experienced obstetrician or midwife throughout your pregnancy. Your safety and the health of your baby largely depends on skilled and experienced guidance and support.

Many issues may cause an infant to suffer fetal distress in the womb. Thankfully, advanced technology and high levels of education make it possible for your doctor to recognize signs of trouble and to know how to take swift and appropriate action to help you resolve the issue. Sadly, however, doctors who are negligent often cause serious injuries to their patients.

Keeping your baby safe

When you attend prenatal visits at your doctor's office, your medical team is doing all sorts of things to check the status of your baby's health as well as your own. The following list shows issues that often prompt fetal distress:

  • Your own health greatly affects the health of your baby in the womb. If you suffer an infection, injury or illness during pregnancy, it can lead to fetal distress.
  • Your child can contract an infection before he or she is born. This situation would likely become highly urgent situation and necessitate immediate action from your doctor and medical team.
  • When you go into labor, your water might break. The color of fluid is a signal regarding your baby's condition -- if there is a meconium stain, which signifies that your baby had a bowel movement in utero, it is a sign of fetal distress.
  • If you suffer a placental abruption, it can become a life-threatening situation for both you and your child.

These and other issues can cause oxygen deprivation to your unborn baby's brain. Prenatal visits are important, especially if your doctor diagnoses you with Gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia or other adverse maternal health conditions that place you and your child in a high-risk category requiring specialized monitoring and care. 

If your doctor is negligent

It takes a long time to earn a medical degree, and that's because doctors need to be highly educated and prepared to address any number of unexpected issues that may arise to threaten the health and safety of their patients. A doctor's neglect can cause you or your baby to suffer serious injury. If that happens, Florida law allows you to seek monetary judgment against those deemed liable for damages.

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