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Teen drivers and summertime car accidents

Most Florida schools are either already dismissed for the summer or quickly approaching that point. There is an increase in the number of drivers on the road during the summer, particularly younger drivers. When school is not in session and summer travel is at its peak, more drivers often leads to more car accidents.

Experts and authorities have deemed the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day the 100 Deadly Days of Summer. This may sound ominous to you, as it should. The rate of fatal accidents increases during the summer, and you may want to know how to keep yourself and your family safe. Many of these fatal accidents involve teen drivers who are enjoying their summer break.

What makes summer so deadly?

Summer is a time of vacation, travel and visiting family, but that also means that drivers of all ages and experience levels are sharing the road at the same time. Add in the increase of distracted driving, and it's no surprise that there are more accidents during this time of year.

One of the most common reasons for teen-involved accidents is distraction. Younger drivers are more likely than others to pick up their phones and overestimate their ability to safely multitask. Consider the following facts about the 100 Deadly Days of Summer:

  • As many as 10 people die in teen-involved accidents per day over the course of the summer.
  • Distraction is a factor in as many as one in four car accidents.
  • Texting is the most common form of distracted driving, but it is not the only one.

Regardless of their age, each person is responsible for not driving while distracted. Even one moment of looking at a phone or paying attention to something besides driving can result in fatal consequences. 

Stay safe, know your rights

It is smart to be particularly vigilant and cautious when driving during the summer months. It is always smart to know your rights in the event that you are involved in a car accident at some point. Distracted or reckless driving is inexcusable, and it is possible to hold liable parties accountable for their actions.

Personal injury law allows victims to pursue compensation through a civil claim. If you believe this is a smart course of action for you, it is smart to act quickly. These cases are time sensitive, and you do not want to delay in seeking the restitution you need to recover and address your financial losses.

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