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Electric scooter craze coming to Tampa

Tampa will join the growing number of cities that allow pedestrians to rent electric scooters in downtown and other crowded areas here in the coming months. The city was until recently accepting applications from scooter distributers who want to participate in the city's pilot program, which is scheduled to start in February 2018.

The beauty of these devices is that they are environmentally friendly and much faster than walking. As they can be left just about anywhere, a would-be pedestrian, or motorist, can, for example, get off at a nearby bus stop and use a scooter to quickly get to where he wants to go.

However, these devices have a definite dark side. Oftentimes, people who choose to ride these scooters do not get the proper training and warnings to do so safely. Moreover, unlike bicyclists, scooter riders are frequently riding in their street clothes, and without helmets or other protective gear.

As a result, doctors and others across the country have reported a number of injuries connected with these devices. Some of these injuries are quite serious, as some have reported their teeth being knocked out or serious damage to the soft tissue in their shoulders. In a few cases, brain injury or deaths have been reported.

It is of course too early to tell how the arrival of these scooters will affect those in the Tampa area. Those who choose to use them, though, should remember that the manufacturers and distributers of these products have an obligation to provide a safe device. If they fail to do so, an injured victim may be able to pursue a products liability claim.

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