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June 2018 Archives

Survey says Florida roads among least safe in the U.S.

When compared to other states, Florida's roads are apparently quite dangerous for those who travel on or near them. According to the website WalletHub, which recently conducted a survey of the "Safest States in the U.S.," Florida had scores near the bottom in all of the factors that the survey weighed when ranking states for the overall safety of their citizens. When all categories were considered, Florida came in 46th overall - only Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Mississippi ranked lower.

Legal reckoning for self-driving vehicle makers

In recent years, as the technology has advanced out of labs and onto the roads, a series of accidents across the nation - including a fatal crash in Florida - has brought the manufacturers of self-driving cars under considerable scrutiny from both regulators and consumers. The industry is now starting to see the legal fallout from rolling out technology that may not have been road-ready. As the first law suits regarding such car accidents are being resolved, it's clear that crashes involving self-driving cars are not your more typical accident cases.

Commercial trucks pose problems for Florida motorists

In Florida, trucks and other commercial vehicles are often subject to greater regulation than personal or noncommercial vehicles. Because of their potential for use in interstate commerce, trucks and truck drivers may be subject to federal regulations and laws as well as state laws. This means that when a truck accident that involves a commercial vehicle takes place, there can be many complex issues to sort out.

Motorcycle safety important year-round in Florida

In Florida - and across the United States - May was Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. However, in a place like the Sunshine State, where motorcyclists can ride year-round, motorcycle safety needs to be a priority during every month of the year. This is of particular importance in Florida, which leads the nation in fatal motorcycle accidents.

Reducing the risk of a dog bite

If you own a dog, you undoubtedly spend time each day allowing your dog to exercise. This may mean a walk around the block or a trip to one of dog parks in the Tampa area. In your travels, you likely encounter other dogs and their owners. Depending on the size and breed of their dogs, you may walk up to pet them or pull your puppy close and give them a wide berth.

Assisting Tampa-area victims of inattentive drivers

In the Tampa area, across Florida and throughout the United States, distracted driving has reached epidemic proportions. The National Highway Traffic Safety says distracted driving now plays a role in the majority of all traffic accidents. Every year, hundreds of people die in Florida and more than 3,400 nationwide in distracted driving accidents.

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