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January 2018 Archives

Big rigs and ice can lead to serious injuries

The Tampa area doesn't see much ice, but this winter's cold snaps have resulted in both ice and snow across the northern parts of Florida. Such conditions can be hazardous for any driver who is not used to them. But when semi truck drivers who are not accustomed to driving on ice or snow unexpectedly encounter such conditions, disastrous truck accidents can result.

Liability for injuries caused by defective products

Maybe it was a shoddy product that caused a consumer to become injured. Or maybe a person was enjoying a new Christmas gift when it suddenly broke, causing an injury. In other cases, it might be an automobile with a design defect or defective part that leads to a car crash. No matter how a person is injured by a defective product, it's important to understand how to hold the responsible parties accountable.

Autonomous cars: Science-fiction or distracted driving solution?

As most Florida drivers are already aware, cellphone use while driving can be extremely hazardous and often fatal. In fact, lawmakers are considering a ban on texting while driving in an attempt to combat the dangers and make the roads safer for everyone. However, a ban can only go so far; some drivers will still selfishly choose to use their phones behind the wheel regardless of the law. Even for the most conscientious of drivers, it can be awfully tempting to take a quick glance at their phone screen.

The aftermath of a slip-and-fall accident

We have all seen them. The funny slip-and-fall videos constantly posted on social media. The ones with captions like, "We all have that clumsy friend," or "How my day is going." In the moment, as a light-hearted display, they can be humorous. However, they have a not so funny side as well. Many times debilitating injuries can occur as a result of that fall. Once the initial shock and embarrassment wear off, these individuals sometimes need significant medical attention for broken bones among other injuries.

Negligent maintenance trucking accident representation

Commercial truckers must abide by strict federal and state laws regarding routine maintenance of their trucks. These include regular inspections and repairs. If an accident involving a truck is found to be the fault of the trucker by negligent maintenance, then both he and/or the company by which he is employed may be held liable.

Will a ban on texting and driving make Florida roads safer?

Florida readers know that texting while driving is extremely dangerous. When a driver looks at a phone for even a second, it greatly increases his or her chances of involvement in a serious car accident. In order to combat this issue and make Florida roads safer for everyone, state lawmakers are considering a bill to ban texting while operating a vehicle.

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