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July 2017 Archives

How is loss of companionship covered in a wrongful death case?

Like other damages claimed in a personal injury or wrongful death case, loss of companionship damages are paid to the party or parties that successfully prove them at trial. In Florida the immediate family members of a wrongful death accident victim may allege that the loss of their loved one deprived them of love, closeness and other positive factors and that the responsible party should be held liable for those intangible losses. The remainder of this post will discuss some of the ways a plaintiff may show that they should be awarded loss of companionship damages.

Strict liability applies in vehicle defect cases

Generally, when an injured party wishes to show that another caused them to suffer injuries or harm the injured person must demonstrate that the responsible party was careless or negligent in their actions. Negligence forms the basis of many Florida personal injury cases and implies that the injury-causing party's conduct did not meet the standard of duty or care expected of them at the time the incident occurred.

Hands-free devices: Safer than handling a phone while driving?

Modern technology makes lives better and safer in many ways, yet sometimes, these conveniences are actually more dangerous when used in an inappropriate manner. For example, cell phones provide many benefits, yet when used by a person who is driving, they can be the cause of serious car accidents. In fact, phone-related distracted driving is a major problem in Florida and across the country.

Poor property maintenance can lead to premises liability accident

Our readers have probably experienced a situation like or very similar to this: after parking their car and shopping indoors for a few hours they leave and find that it has gotten dark. They generally remember where they parked, but since some of the lights in the parking lot have gone out it is hard to see exactly where they are going. Maybe they make it to their vehicle without any trouble, but maybe they trip on a crack in the pavement of the lot, or slip on a patch of oil or water. Maybe in the darkness they do not see a step and fall when they are unable to catch their footing.

Man killed in vehicle collision while waiting with disabled car

An out-of-town driver was recently killed in a tragic vehicle collision in Florida. The driver's car suffered difficulties and came to a stop on the side of the road. The driver got out of the vehicle and was then hit by a moving vehicle that was traveling through the roadway. The individual who was driving the car that hit the victim did not stop to help and at this time police officers have not been able to identify that person.

Overcoming the intimidation factor of liability with guidance

With the potential financial weight of medical expenses and a loss of income, suffering severe injuries could put you in a difficult position. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you might be looking at a long and challenging period of recovery, potentially spurring a need for financial relief to ensure your financial future stays intact.

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