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June 2017 Archives

College student killed in motorcycle-car accident

As Florida residents age, they often reflect on the carefree days they spent as youths. They may remember the freedom they felt from careers and families, and the enjoyment they derived from engaging in hobbies that they can no longer undertake in their older age. A young Florida college student will never have the chance to partake in this common form of nostalgia. His life was tragically ended in a deadly motorcycle-vehicle collision.

How do dog bites fit into premises liability law?

A dog bite can lead to serious medical complications, depending on the severity of the injury the animal inflicts, or if the animal carries a disease. As animals are generally considered the property of their owners, when Florida residents are hurt by dangerous dogs, their negligence-based legal claims can fall under premises liability law.

A little fatigue can lead to devastating consequences

Like distracted driving, drowsy driving could have detrimental, catastrophic consequences. A negligent driver is a dangerous driver, whether that individual is dangerously drowsy, distracted or simply reckless. Any negligent Florida driver can be accountable for harm caused by his or her actions.

Dangerous driving leads to fatal pedestrian accident at bus stop

Public transportation provides a useful and necessary service for countless people throughout the state of Florida. While some use buses, trains and other transportation services to get to work and school, others use public transit as an alternative to driving when taking a night out for fun. While public transportation can be convenient and efficient, it does require riders to exercise some patience as they wait for coming rides.

Statute of limitations can toll wrongful death claim

After a fatal accident or incident, it can be a challenge for a Florida family to say goodbye to their deceased loved one and begin to move forward with their lives. They may not wish to linger on the facts and issues surrounding the death, so that they may find the time to heal from their suffering. However, as individuals work toward finding peace after the death of a loved one at the hands of a negligent party, the time during which they may pursue a wrongful death claim begins to toll.

Everyone struggles when a loved one suffers a brain injury

The hours and days following your loved one's car accident are probably a blur to you. Doctors may have shown you brain scans, explained test results and hinted at a prognosis, but three words stuck in your head: traumatic brain injury. You may know little about TBIs, and you are not alone. In fact, many doctors themselves confess how little they know about the human brain.

A drunk driving car accident can be financially devastating

Drunk driving is a national problem, but it hits home when Tampa residents become the victims of collisions with intoxicated drivers. An accident with a drunk driver can at best, result in property damage and few injuries. At worst, a drunk driving accident can claim lives and leave loved ones of the victims reeling in their suffering.

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