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March 2017 Archives

Products liability battle starts for possibly dangerous product

Every year, new products hit the shelves of local Tampa stores that contain labels and advertisements that tout the products' potential benefits to consumers. One product that may be of interest to Floridians is an allegedly drinkable sunscreen that claims it can provide UVA protection to those who consume it. However, an attorney general from a Midwestern state does not buy the company's claims and believes that the product will cause harm to unsuspecting consumers.

Your life after a spinal cord injury

If you remember the accident, you may recall the exact moment when you knew things would never be the same. Maybe you felt a twinge or a sharp pain, or maybe everything went numb. Spinal cord injuries can be devastating, and 46 percent of them are the result of motor vehicle accidents.

Why might I sue after suffering injuries in a car accident?

A car accident can change the course of a Tampa resident's life forever. Though some accidents do not result in serious injuries to their victims, others leave innocent parties suffering from significant ailments that may never fully recover. Many victims of car accidents must visit doctors to help them heal, must take time off of work to mend their wounds, and must endure pain and suffering in an effort to get their lives back on track.

Can I file a premises liability suit following a slip and fall?

An ordinary trip to the grocery store or to another person's home in Florida may, unfortunately, end up leading to a trip to the hospital if you are injured in a slip-and-fall accident at the property. Slip-and-fall accident cases typically fall under a broad category referred to as premises liability cases. In these cases, the owners of the property where you were hurt may be held liable for your injury.

Wrongful death lawsuits vindicate family members' rights

When a victim perishes at the hands of a negligent party in an automobile accident, premises liability incident, or other event, the burden of meeting the victim's accident-related costs will fall on their family to pay. In addition, the family has lost the support and companionship of the victim, and may face severe economic hardship if the victim was a breadwinner. To address these injustices, Florida law allows family members of a deceased victim to bring a wrongful death claim against a party whose negligence or wrongful act caused the death.

Outdoor hazards can lead to premises liability

It is an unfortunate fact that some Tampa residents will be hurt in premises liability accidents when they visit their local gas stations, grocery stores, and other businesses. Sometimes these incidents occur on wet interior floors where a victim unsuspectingly stepped and slipped, causing a fall and a preventable injury. However, property dangers can pose threats to individuals even before they reach their intended destinations' doors, and this post will examine just a few of the premises liability problems that may exist just outside of retail structures while still on their properties.

Air bag maker pleads guilty in massive defective product case

There is an unfortunate irony in learning that a product specifically designed to protect consumers is the bases for one of the largest automotive defective product scandals in United States history. The case revolves around metal canisters used to trigger airbags for deployment in the event of an automobile accident. A compound in the canisters used to create a small explosion to trigger the deployment is vulnerable to humidity and heat however, and may deteriorate and burn too quickly, causing a larger explosion which may send deadly shrapnel into its victims.

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