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February 2017 Archives

When a relaxing day of boating comes crashing down around you

Boating and water sports play a big part in why many people love Florida. Whether you own a boat or know someone who does, you might look forward to getting out on the water whenever possible. Like many other people, you look forward to spending the day relaxing on the water, indulging in a few drinks and enjoying time with friends and family.

Florida House Speaker suggests change to medical malpractice

Unfortunately, throughout the United States, including Florida, there are instances where doctors, surgeons or medical professionals do not live up to the highest standards expected of them at a medical facility and may fail to properly care for a patient. Unlike many occupations where if you make a mistake it can be corrected quickly and without major ramifications, in the medical field an error while caring for a patient could literally mean the difference between life and death.

Determining pharmaceutical product liability is often not easy

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has certain industry standards that are applied to many medications and drugs produced and sold in the United States. The agency requires that manufacturers properly test the drugs before releasing them for public use. The purpose is to assure the drug's safety or to warn medical professionals and the consumer of potential side-effects related to the drug in question.

Are your old tires placing you at risk?

Do you have any Florida friends who live by the clockwork of their own house and vehicle maintenance routines? You know the type who has lists for everything with all projects, chores and upgrades scheduled on a calendar. For instance, there might be a date each Autumn when your friend takes down all the blinds in the house to give them a thorough cleaning, or, once a year, the ladder is brought out of the garage so all outside windows can be washed, even the high ones.

Sunday night following Super Bowl often leads to deadly accidents

It comes as no surprise that year after year, the day after the Super Bowl is notoriously known as one of the worst days for productivity in the American workforce. The football game is watched by tens of millions throughout the country, often at bars, restaurants, and at the homes of family and friends.

Have a safe and accident-free New Year's Eve

Every year an unfortunate number of individuals become victims in violent New Year's Eve car accidents. Due in large part to the dangerous propensity of some individuals to drink and drive, innocent bystanders can suffer serious injuries and even death when their vehicles suffer impacts with those of irresponsible motorists. Residents of Tampa may know others who have been affected by this upsetting but common occurrence.

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