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What should I do if I have been in a motorcycle crash?

Getting into a motorcycle accident in Florida is one of the most frightening experiences you could have. Unfortunately, being shaken up and preoccupied with the injuries you have suffered in the motorcycle crash can prevent you from taking the necessary steps to protect your best interests at the accident scene. Several steps should be taken to gather the right information for pursuing a claim or lawsuit following the crash.

What do I do at the scene of a motorcycle crash?

Your safety and health are your No. 1 priority after a motorcycle wreck. If you have suffered serious injury, you should dial 911 for medical assistance. Calling 911 will also bring police to the accident scene so that they can examine it, speak with other motorists involved in the crash and collect helpful information.

If possible, you should ensure that the motorist involved in the crash with you remains at the accident scene and is able to exchange the necessary information. In addition, you should speak with anybody who was in the vicinity when the crash took place. You need to gather their names, addresses and phone numbers, as they may play a major role in your motorcycle crash case. Finally, if you can, capture pictures of your injuries, your motorcycle's damage, the damage that the other vehicle incurred and the accident scene itself.

What do I do after a motorcycle crash?

After the accident, you should note all medical professionals from whom you receive treatment, including physicians, physical therapists or chiropractors. Furthermore, you should maintain a detailed record of the medications and treatments you receive for your accident-related injuries. You may also benefit from maintaining an account of how all of your injuries have affected your daily living, such as causing you to miss work or suffer in your family life, for example.

In addition, ask for all medical bills and reports because they will help you to prove your health care expenses later. Be sure to make copies of your medical records along with your insurance information and eyewitness accounts, as all of this information may be helpful to your case.

What else do I need to do following a motorcycle crash?

You should get in touch with a knowledgeable attorney in Florida immediately, as this will enable you to deal with all of the legal matters related to your accident situation. An attorney will go over with you all of your legal options for addressing the injuries and damages you have suffered as a result of your motorcycle crash.

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