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Florida victims of drunk drivers have a right to compensation

There are significant criminal penalties for those who are convicted of drunk driving in Florida. Unfortunately, there will always be drivers who flout the law and drive drunk anyway. Some of them will cause a drunk driving accident that results in serious injury or death. It is important that the injured person or the decedent's family know their rights to be compensated through a civil lawsuit.

The criminal punishment a drunk driver might face after the incident can provide some solace to those who were affected by an accident, but it will not help with the medical expenses; the need for rehabilitation; the inability to work; the requirement for long-term care and perhaps the loss of a loved one.

We have all seen news stories in which a person who has been drinking and driving causes an accident and harms others who are simply minding their own business. Having legal help from an attorney who has seen it all and pursued compensation for a wide variety of drunk driving accidents can be the determinative factor in getting a fair amount of compensation.

When there is a drunk driving accident, the medical expenses and other losses that will arise can seem overwhelming. Victims and families will also experience the anger of knowing that the other driver was so irresponsible that he or she chose to get behind the wheel when not in the condition to do so. Speaking to a lawyer who is fully knowledgeable about car accidents is the first step to pursuing one's legal rights.

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