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Truck traveling at 60 MPH crashes into back of Florida school bus

Professional commercial truck drivers face many daily stresses and challenges as they work to transports goods along our nation's highways and roads. The men and women who work as truck drivers must have and maintain an exemplary driving record. Additionally, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, commercial truck drivers are subject to numerous federal regulations related to the hours and times they are allowed to work. Truck drivers are also subject to routine drug and alcohol testing and must comply with routine vehicle maintenance checks.

While many commercial truckers are responsible and law-abiding drivers, there are some who fail to abide by federal regulations and traffic laws. One such truck driver was recently involved in a rear-end accident that sent seven Florida children to the hospital.

It's believed the truck was traveling approximately 60 MPH when it slammed into the back of the school bus, which had slowed to allow children to exit, pushing it several feet off the road. A total of 10 people, including seven children and the drivers of both the bus and truck, were injured and taken to nearby hospitals. Police report that a female passenger in the truck, who was reportedly nude when the accident occurred, also suffered injuries and required medical care.

Prior to the accident, Florida police reportedly received calls about the truck driver's erratic and reckless driving as he ran red lights. Upon pulling the truck driver over, police officers inspected the truck to ensure everything was in proper working order. Police officers were not, however, able to ticket the driver as they had not personally witnessed his unlawful driving behaviors.

Two hours later, the truck driver's big rig slammed into the back of the school bus. Thankfully, reports indicate that none of the children who were aboard the bus were seriously injured. In many cases, motor vehicle accidents involving commercial trucks result in those involved suffering serious or fatal injuries.

Criminal charges against the truck driver may be forthcoming after police complete a thorough investigation into those factors that may have contributed to the crash. In addition to possible criminal charges stemming from this truck accident, the truck driver who caused the accident also has a lengthy criminal record with 10 reported arrests since 2005. None of those arrests are believed to be related to driving infractions.

Source: WJAX-TV, "Semi-driver who rear-ended school bus has lengthy criminal history," Kristy Wolski, Sept. 30, 2014



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