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Big rigs and ice can lead to serious injuries

The Tampa area doesn’t see much ice, but this winter’s cold snaps have resulted in both ice and snow across the northern parts of Florida. Such conditions can be hazardous for any driver who is not used to them. But when semi truck drivers who are not accustomed to driving on ice or snow unexpectedly encounter such conditions, disastrous truck accidents can result.

The dangers of ice and big rigs was recently illustrated when 21 people were injured in a chain reaction, multi-vehicle accident in Kentucky. The accident began when a Florida man driving an 18-wheeler crashed into a parked Kentucky Safety Patrol vehicle and then careened into a service vehicle that was parked in front of the patrol truck. Both the safety and the service vehicles were flashing their lights.

After being hit by the big rig, the service vehicle was slammed into a Greyhound bus. Another commercial tractor trailer hit the one driven by the Florida man. The road was covered in ice and snow. There is no evidence that the truck driver’s Florida roots contributed to the accident. But the pile-up demonstrates just how dangerous icy or snowy conditions can be when combined with a semi truck.

Truck accidents can result in serious or even permanent injuries. Because big rigs are commercial vehicles that carry loads across state lines, there are additional laws and regulations that may come into play when they’re involved in collisions. The best bet for anyone injured in a truck accident is to consult an attorney with experience in the area. A seasoned attorney can offer advice and help decide what the next steps should be.

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